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Legend of Zelda: Link’s Enlightenment

I’d like to say that this is another video game review, but that isn’t exactly true. I first heard about Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening back when I used to get Nintendo Power Magazine. I remember that day. It was … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Innkeepers

  I’ve been meaning to make this particular review for a while now. I first saw Ti West’s The Innkeepers at the Toronto After-Dark last summer as the last film of the entire festival. It was also the best film … Continue reading

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Blog Posts, Or Something

So that is what my Blog entries are like with graphics in them. I’m actually of a few minds when I look at what I’m starting to do now. I like the fact that when I put an image in … Continue reading

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Comics Review: Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum

The first time I’d ever heard of this game was in reference to the video game that exists out there. But I’m not talking about that. No, I am talking about this. I’m specifically talking about Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: … Continue reading

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Video Game Review: Terranigma

Imagine a game where you play as a person who needs to create–or resurrect–an entire world. With each challenge you solve, you restore not only continents but the cycle of life and the souls of all living beings as well. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Sucker … PUNCH!

I’d almost like to say that Sucker Punch actually sucker punched me, but you can’t claim to be sucker punched when you can pretty much see it coming. So I watched this film the other day and I almost feel … Continue reading

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The Experiment, It Continues

I know that the above title covers a vast amount of ground. First, my Blog’s gotten some more Followers since the last time I wrote here and I want to thank you for adding me: and of course I’d like … Continue reading

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