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Unhappiness grows within me, deep inside until, in the end it becomes mine. Unfurling through my being, it ingrains itself deep into the bone and the still lips of my mouth. My face unlined, unsmiling it hollows out the bore … Continue reading

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For Red

Her first eye is Gaia and her second is Oceanus. This, above all else, is the gaze I recollect underneath the plumage of the firebird and the lash of the Eumenides that occasionally comes out from her generous mouth. Yet … Continue reading

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I Am Made of Words

About five or six years ago in Niagara Falls, I received a Tarot reading from a lover of mine: the first person I ever went to visit on my own. There aren’t many details I remember from the time except … Continue reading

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It Was My Birthday and What the Hell …

I turned thirty-one this weekend. I’d like to say that it came at me by surprise, but I did manage to see it coming. 🙂 It makes me realize that a lot of things have happened between thirty and thirty-one. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

So I went off to see the Wizard this past weekend. I was very eager to see it. I’ve loved The Wizard of Oz for most of my conscious life. I was introduced to it through the famous 1939 film … Continue reading

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Let’s Play

I have a friend who believed that he could gain enlightenment from a video game. He sat in the school cafeteria and the quad every day: just plugging away at his old Gameboy with its off-white frame, chartreuse buttons and … Continue reading

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A Game of Statues: Amanda Palmer, Persona, Expression and Life

When I was in Kindergarten, in a school called Adventure Place, we used to play something called “A Statue Game.” I knew it as The Statue Game. We would listen to this song–which I now know to have been created … Continue reading

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