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This Game Has No Warp Zone: A Review of Pipe Trouble

“I like games with consequences.” This is what a friend of mine told me not too long ago with regards to online games, but it is a sentiment that can easily be applied to video games in general. I know … Continue reading

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The Heavy Weight of an Unwoven Twine

I’m writing late to state that I finally started working on my Twine game in earnest. It was a long time coming and it is a long time going. This particular odyssey began in the wintertime when I finished reading … Continue reading

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Healing Potions

It began like every one of our quests. We were fighting a marauding tribe of orcs and, naturally, I was the first person to be brought down. It was just like clockwork–the clockwork that I, as an artificer never truly … Continue reading

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How to Get Attention: Or What My Readers Seem to Like

I thought it might be interesting to play in traffic today … or, more specifically, look at which topics of mine tend to get the most reader-hits. I admit: I spend a lot of time looking at my Stats and … Continue reading

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Practicing Ideas and Dress-Rehearsal Stories

There is a character in Sandman who gets to the point where he has so many ideas in his head that he can’t write them out, or express them, fast enough. In my case, I have all of these ideas … Continue reading

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What I Did On the Anniversary of My First Blog Post: The Toronto Comics Arts Festival

This is going to be a late entry as I have been recovering from the last three days of attending–and volunteering–at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. The first time I ever went to the Festival was when it was still … Continue reading

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The Storyteller

An old story and an appropriate one given what I have been reading lately. You can tell what some of it was inspired by and I hope it can be appreciated for what it is. Enjoy. He was the Oracle … Continue reading

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