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Another Revolution

On Fame’s eternal camping-ground Their silent tents are spread, But Glory guards, with solemn round The bivouac of the dead. — Theodore O’Hara, “The Bivouac of the Dead” They marched among the geometrical angles of granite tombstones, wearing simulated gore … Continue reading

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Fleet-Foot Tales and Hero-Glyphs Part II: The Celestial Voyages Fragment

In our last piece on artist-archaeologist Josh Ln’s hero-glyphs discovery–or “Fleet-Foot Tales”–we discussed the possible interpretations and meanings behind the artifact entitled Conflict Amongst a League of Marvels. However, our work is not finished. In fact, just as we promised, … Continue reading

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Help A Lonely Cat Feel Lonely No More: Tessa Kennedy’s Ghostcat and The World of the Incredibly Strange

I keep breaking my promises to just write stories on here for this month. However, the way I figure it I am talking about other people’s stories and looking specifically how they function. In addition, they are Halloween stories or … Continue reading

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Song Hunter

If they listen, they can tell he’s listening to the music again. It beats and wavers from the basement that Friday night as he sits at their computer. Sometimes it is a combination of industrial sounds and chiming. Other times … Continue reading

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An Interview with Bill Watterson in a Magical World

It has been seventeen years or so since Bill Watterson’s last Calvin and Hobbes strip hit the newspapers: the clipping of which still curls and yellows on my bulletin board. It was a comic strip of silliness, philosophy, introspection and–most … Continue reading

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A Film Festival Double-Billing: We Are What We Are and Bounty Killer

So I am going to be doing something different. Not only am I going to make an early Blog post, but it is going to be a movie review: or more specifically two reviews back-to-back courtesy of the Toronto After … Continue reading

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There are some things in life that are expected of you. You are born, you learn, you get a job, you raise a family or you occupy yourself with your job or a hobby, you age and you die so … Continue reading

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