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My Second Twine Game: Haunted

I am apparently now in the habit of posting late. So a week or so after the WordPlay Twine Workshop with Christine Love, and exploring Faerie Dark’s world of interconnected Twine games and stories–essentially the progression of a universe-seed in … Continue reading

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When the Ghosts Stare Back Into You

In the First World, there were no ghosts. Everything was new and colourful in a washed out, nostalgic sort of way: like a lucid mind in an ecstasy of mushrooms and fantasy. And as shells of soldiers fell off ledges … Continue reading

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Everybody Lives: A Review of The Day of The Doctor

I am going to quote River Song again when I say, “Spoilers.” So for those of you who haven’t put on your Tenth Doctor’s 3D glasses this weekend or this coming week please don’t read any further. Before The Day, … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Me

Remember my post where I Am Asking For Your Help? Well, this follow-up post is both late and a long time coming. I have been insanely busy. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it feels like I’m in a Time … Continue reading

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What Will Happen on The Day of The Doctor?

This article and its contents will be time-stamped, but they certainly won’t be time locked … whatever that means anymore. So in the immortal words of River Song, “Spoilers.” After May 18, 2013 there was, if you will pardon the … Continue reading

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WordPlay in Toronto

So last week  Jim Munroe, the comics writer of Therefore Repent!, novelist, and the co-producer of the controversial Pipe Trouble game, invited me to the first-ever Toronto WordPlay Festival of Writerly Games on November the 16th. The WordPlay Festival is … Continue reading

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The Last Day: Another Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Mini-Episode

This is now my thirteenth post and I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned into The Valeyard at this point. All right, before I go on just watch this video. Please watch it. Are you done? All right. I came … Continue reading

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