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La-Mulana 2 is an Answer to the Question

“What if games had continued to evolve – but stayed in 2D?” This is both a question asked by the Japanese developer NIGORO and the impetus behind their intricate masterpiece: the video game La-Mulana. They and their director, Takumi Naramura, … Continue reading

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When Reading High Fantasy, Travel Light

Back in the early twentieth century, two journeys began. They both began in England. One was the story of a Hobbit cleverly manipulated, though not necessarily against his will, into joining a company of Dwarves to confront a Dragon. The other … Continue reading

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Amazons are to Kryptonians as Wonder Woman is To …?

Here is the scene. We have Christopher Nolan’s Batman, who sounds like a chain smoker requiring subtitles, and Zack Snyder’s Superman, who might as well be renamed Collateral Damage. They will be in the next Collateral–I mean Man of Steel … Continue reading

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2 to 3D Games, Strips and Alternative Comics: A Meditation on Perspective

And now for a bit of armchair medium theorizing: with a control of some sort in my hand. I ran into something a little while ago now that I found really interesting. When I finally caved into the powers of … Continue reading

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