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I Write on The Black Tunnel Wall

There is a story I read in Rosemary Sullivan’s Shadow Maker. It is a biography of the Canadian, and particularly Torontonian, poet Gwendolyn MacEwen. Towards the end of Gwendolyn’s life she approached a bank for a loan which, unfortunately, she was … Continue reading

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When I Recognized Elfquest

It took a long time for me to discover the World of Two Moons. Back in High School, my Mom started me reading Piers Anthony’s Xanth series. It was a fantasy series with a world of magic and puns and … Continue reading

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A Traveler’s Account of Katrina Elisse Caudle’s Darkmoon City

On the surface, Twine is about making games. But that is just one way of looking at it. To be more specific, Twine software allows one to hyperlink from one page or another through the click of a word. Words … Continue reading

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La-Mulana 2 Still Has More Stories to Tell

When last I wrote about La-Mulana 2, its Kickstarter Campaign met nearly half of its stated $200,000 minimum goal. Well, not only has it reached it’s goal, it has started to meet its stretch goals. It has been an interesting … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Hacked: Change Your Password

On Saturday February 15th at 4:25 pm I received, like many others, a security notice in my email from Kickstarter informing me that the site had been compromised by hackers. Yancey Strickler, the CEO of the crowdfunding platform, has the … Continue reading

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I Got Quoted, She Makes Comics, La-Mulana Cries, and A Pixie Is Making Games

This will be my first post written directly on schedule and I hope to make this a habit again. So what I’m going to do is the following. I missed you guys so much that in my haste to actually … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Rebels and “Lost Missions”

It’s funny that though I am a big Star Wars fanatic, I’ve not really found the opportunity to really talk about the series on G33kPr0n until, well, now. And today, I find that I have a lot to talk about. … Continue reading

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