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Something’s Got to Give

Hello everyone. I’m writing this post on something of a time limit, but given how much time itself has been challenging me lately, it’s only appropriate. So let me try to tell you what I want to say. There’s this … Continue reading

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Amanda Palmer: The Keening Moment

I’m not the most musically literate person there is out there. I always heard some of my friends constantly talking about musicians that they love and bandying their name all around. And I never understood it really until relatively recent … Continue reading

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What If Comics Had Been a Place Without Codes? Would We Live as Air?

I’ve been having some technical issues these past few days and time hasn’t really been my friend but what I’m going to write here past most reasonable people’s sense of sleep is another down and dirty, and therefore ad hoc, … Continue reading

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I Found Out I Was a Cambion on my Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. It’s funny. I can’t always remember what I did every March 16. I can’t really remember anything particular about 2013. I do recall watching the controversial return of Darth Maul in Clone Wars back in … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

“I am Oz! The Great and powerful …” I ignore the floating green skull and its superior glare, hovering theatrically in its own flames as I make my way to the red curtain not too far away. “How dare you!” … Continue reading

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Zing! Pow! The Batman and Green Hornet ’60s Crossover

Sometimes classic superhero comics are all about dynamic duos and, in this case, we have three pairs of them. Film-maker and writer Kevin Smith and comedian Ralph Garman along with the artists Ty Templeton and Alex Ross will be creating … Continue reading

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Sometimes I can still hear it. It’s the end of the night and Dead Can Dance’s Rakim drifts and rhythmically rumbles through the musty air before the undulating chant of the female singer through the night. The DJ knows what … Continue reading

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