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This Year In Passing: Hell, Everland, And Fascinating Beginnings

I said I was going to make another post in December, but I have to say that this is kind of cutting it close. A lot of people are making New Year recaps on their social media statuses and Blogs … Continue reading

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We Have Another Dream In Doctor Who’s Last Christmas

In terms of Doctor Who‘s “Last Christmas” episode, I’ll tell you later — I mean, it’s a long story. … right. Actually, the episode itself was very good. On the surface, you have The Doctor and Clara at the North … Continue reading

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On A Half-Written Page

For those of you who don’t follow me on GeekPr0n or know me, surprise: I’m still alive. This may well be the first and last post I make for this December and before another year takes us. I remember when … Continue reading

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Doctor…What? A Peek At Doctor Who: Last Christmas

Last Christmas, on Doctor Who … So you find yourself in a laboratory: faced down by creatures that have gotten off of tables with scaly skin and slimy mouths. They’re coming towards you. It’s dark and cold outside in the … Continue reading

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Clara Oswin Oswald Didn’t Have To Be An Impossible Girl

I really wanted to like Clara Oswin Oswald. And I suspect that a lot of Doctor Who fans did, while others still do. Between her introduction in “Asylum of the Daleks” as Oswin the brilliant and somewhat snarky Soufflé Girl and … Continue reading

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Their Voices Are This Film – Review: She Makes Comics

She Makes Comics is a documentary directed by Marisa Stotter, and produced by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert of Respect! Films. It is also executive produced by Sequart’s Julian Darius and Mike Phillips and comics librarian Karen Green of Columbia University. It’s hard … Continue reading

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A Female Doctor: A Sex + Gender, Timey Wimey Talk

There were hints of it when The Doctor regenerated at “The End of Time.” Neil Gaiman’s episode “The Doctor’s Wife” pretty much stated that Time Lords can change sex from regeneration. And then, of course, we have our friend Missy … Continue reading

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