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Peter Davison Doesn’t Think That A Female Doctor Would Work

Fans have been discussing the prospect of a female incarnation of The Doctor for some time now given the fact that we know Gallifreyans can change sex with regeneration, that we’ve seen evidence of this happening, and with all of … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive

A week or so ago, I had quite a few plans lined up. They were all in a queue in the back of my head and I was going to deal with them one by one. One night, before talking … Continue reading

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A Doctor Who Movie? Allons-y!

So who wants to see a Doctor Who movie written by Russell T. Davies? Even though Davies has indicated reluctance to write another Doctor Who episode, in an interview with Graham Norton, Doctor Who‘s former showrunner and re-animator stated that … Continue reading

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An Interview With Angel of My So-Called Secret Identity

Did you know that comic books can have internships? I can imagine that many of us can only dream of having a job that revolves around helping others create comics. Today we at GEEKPR0N have with us Angel, an intern … Continue reading

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