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They Lived Happily: The Husbands of River Song

I’m just going to say it right now: after watching “Hell Bent,” I really didn’t know what to expect from Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special “The Husbands of River Song.” This is especially true as it was Steven Moffat that wrote … Continue reading

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A Step Back Into a Much Larger World

It’s time for another retrospective. In May of 2005, I was twenty-three years old. My girlfriend and I had broken up for the last time and it was as pleasant as you could expect. I was sitting in a movie … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Hell Bent On Keeping Its Black Hole Sue

In the words of the Dalek trapped by the Cloister Wraiths near the Matrix, “Exterminate … me …” This week, on “Hell Bent” the season finale of Doctor Who, we see The Doctor return to Gallifrey — the world he … Continue reading

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The Greatest Mystery of All

Dedicated to Toby Fox’s Undertale. This is the sequel to Opposite of a Dog. Warning: there be Spoilers here. Reader’s discretion is advised.  Even now, you are not entirely sure why you did it. After you welcomed the human and the … Continue reading

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Luke Skywalker Did Not Fall to the Dark Side

There is going to be an awakening, gentle-beings. That’s right. In just a few weeks we are going to be seeing Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens come to a theatre near us. But in all the promotions, teaser-trailers, trailers, … Continue reading

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What If Marvel Cinema

I’m not sure if it will ever come to this, but I would definitely love to see a Marvel What If short film series: on the web, as bonus content on DVDs, or others. But I’m afraid I’m just being … Continue reading

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