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Star Wars Legacy: Junior Jedi Knights When The Force Awakens

I remember watching Star Wars for the first time. My parents rented them from the now defunct-Hollywood Movies video store before we got our own VHS collection set. We got one movie a week and… Source: Star Wars Legacy: Junior … Continue reading

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My Fanfiction Origin Story

The title is more epic than it actually sounds, but when I think about it the entire thing had been a story long in the making. Some writers believe that fanfiction is a waste of time. Certainly, you can’t really … Continue reading

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The Entire History of You: Dark Age

Written as something of a follow-up to Black Mirror’s “The Entire History of You” episode, Liam Foxwell deals with the consequences of his actions during a therapy meeting: in which we learn that going “grainless” isn’t always so merciful. NSFW, … Continue reading

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RE-READING ALAN MOORE’S PROVIDENCE (1): dreams are bridges (to the underworld)

Originally posted on Xeno Swarm:
PROVIDENCE is a densely layered graphic novel devoted to re-imagining Lovecraft’s life and work in terms of the mythos that emerges from and subtends his creations. These are not my “annotations” to the graphic novel,…

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Samurai Jack: Aku’s Folly

I knew about Samurai Jack for a long time, but I never really got into it. It was just another cartoon that my brother and some friends were into that I just, at the time,… Source: Samurai Jack: Aku’s Folly

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