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I am a writer and blogger living in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario in Canada. When I'm not writing for the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization and GeekPr0n, I tend to write science-fiction, epic fantasy, horror, literary and mythological revisionisms, and generally weird fiction stories though I have been known to make poetry, television and comic book scripts. Also, when left to my own devices I tend to write weird and strange hybrid creative opinion piece articles like those you will find on this Blog. I am also very interested in comics, video games, Star Wars, table-top role-playing games, Neil Gaiman's works, H.P. Lovecraft, vampires, zombies, and budgies.

Send in the Clowns: Todd Phillips’s Joker

Coulrophobia. A fear of clowns. It’s kind of an ironic fear when you consider the idea that clowns are humanity’s way of making fun of its own mortality. For the longest time, I actually thought… Source: Send in the Clowns: … Continue reading

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What Is Really Challenging: Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi

The Rise Of Skywalker, supposedly the last of the mainline Star Wars saga is coming soon. And even so, people are still talking about Rian Johnson, and The Last Jedi. Even me. There is something about the eighth Star Wars … Continue reading

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I’m Not Locked In Here With You: Todd Phillips’ Joker

So I wrote an article for Joker on Sequart a little while ago now, but while they eventually will post it, I have some other more personal thoughts on some of the themes in the film: mainly why I like … Continue reading

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On the Twilight of Alan Moore’s Superheroes: A Thank You

This was originally going to be a series of Tweets to Leah Moore, who is awesome, but after sitting down and thinking about it a little while longer, I decided to write something a little more substantial about this. It’s … Continue reading

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Written and performed around last Halloween — or the Season of the Dead — by my bard in our Fifth Edition D&D game.  There is a forlorn beauty within the White Pines, filled with crumbling husks of majesty, and broken … Continue reading

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Hymn to Nautilae

Written and performed by my bard during our D&D Fifth Edition Session.  If you listen to the chiming laugh of a brook in the wood, and follow where the Moon-drake winds, you will find a cavern, and an ancient bridge, … Continue reading

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And What They Found There

Look down the wondrous structure, Where the chequer’d shadows play; See the scattered groups increasing, Wending up the dômed way.  — E. Leathes, Fragments From the Crystal Palace It’s like one of Mr. Dodgson’s stories, but so much worse. Ida Codswell … Continue reading

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