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Written and performed around last Halloween — or the Season of the Dead — by my bard in our Fifth Edition D&D game.  There is a forlorn beauty within the White Pines, filled with crumbling husks of majesty, and broken … Continue reading

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Hymn to Nautilae

Written and performed by my bard during our D&D Fifth Edition Session.  If you listen to the chiming laugh of a brook in the wood, and follow where the Moon-drake winds, you will find a cavern, and an ancient bridge, … Continue reading

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Of Serpents and Foxes

Hello again everyone. I’ve been away, and busy, for a change but I want to start writing again on Mythic Bios at least once a week as I originally planned. I didn’t actually feel like writing anything until I got … Continue reading

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Observations of a Part-Time Poet

Believe it or not, I don’t make poetry often. In fact, poems like Berserker and Necromancer usually come very rarely to me and it is even less often these days that I will post them up publicly for other people … Continue reading

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I catch them in a pool of ruby libation leisurely prepared though they try to repent in haste. The spirits that always followed in the grey charnel fields and faded Edens that trail behind me, and the ones always loomed … Continue reading

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Unhappiness grows within me, deep inside until, in the end it becomes mine. Unfurling through my being, it ingrains itself deep into the bone and the still lips of my mouth. My face unlined, unsmiling it hollows out the bore … Continue reading

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