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A Walkthrough

A spiritual sequel to Let’s Play. A long time ago, now, I used to play Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I’d play it every day before school, during lunch time, or on one of my breaks, during the downtime waiting … Continue reading

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Steven Universe: From My Crystal Heart

Spoiler Warning: There are series spoilers in the body of this article. Reader’s discretion is advised.  As of this writing, I just finished watching the latest series of episodes of Steven Universe: in the Heart of the Crystal Gems arc. … Continue reading

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Treat or Trap: Toby Fox’s Undertale

In honour of Halloween, tonight’s quick and dirty Mythic Bios article will be a video game review appropriate to the season at hand. It is a fine game to play on an autumn afternoon or Halloween night. Imagine taking Maurice … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Be Luigi

There is always someone who can relate to Luigi. Let me be clear on the matter. It’s not because they were necessarily the younger sibling stuck with being Player Two on their Famicom or Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s not because … Continue reading

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This is Halloween

This will be the first of two posts that you will see today. I spent a lot of weeks before and during Halloween differently. When I was a child I would be inundated with television specials, movies, school events, and … Continue reading

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I spent much of my youth somewhere else. It’s not too much of a surprise really: especially when you consider what I was and what I would ultimately become. You would find me reading one of the Oz books during … Continue reading

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What Scares You Will Be Its Soul: My Dead Girlfriend and Project: Dark-Seed

This post contains horror, disturbing images and, worst of all, *spoilers.* Reader’s discretion is advised.  When Dream created the Corinthian a long time ago in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, his original aim was to construct a sentient dream that represented humanity’s fear … Continue reading

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