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I kriffing hate those clankers, Nora. Footage from Praadost II: Encrypted Location: River outside of Nembasa City Sewer System. A tarnished white figure, with a pack, and a black T-visor Mandalorian helmet swims through the water. Through the grainy lens … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Preludes and Interludes Of A Space Opera

I think that if I were a Time Lord, I’d be a unique one that specializes in travelling to alternate timelines: not because I originally intended to, but due to the fact that these are places to which my senses … Continue reading

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Star Wars Legends: Crisis In Infinite Galaxies

It was a little while ago that Star Wars fanatics were informed, by LucasFilm, that the Star Wars Expanded Universe of novels, comics, video games and other multimedia would no longer be considered canon in the Great Holocron of that … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Different Forms of Revenge and the Knights that Could Have Been

I have to be careful. If I keep this up, I will have to make an entire section for Star Wars. But I really wanted to articulate something that I have–throughout the years–discussed time and again. The Jedi Knights. When … Continue reading

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Tired of Tragedy: The Reclamation of Star Wars?

So I’ve been commenting on some Star Wars news and rumours lately. And it has gotten me to thinking–thinking long and hard–about some issues: specifically about the nature of the Saga as an epic structure, the Expanded Universe, and what … Continue reading

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