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I kriffing hate those clankers, Nora. Footage from Praadost II: Encrypted Location: River outside of Nembasa City Sewer System. A tarnished white figure, with a pack, and a black T-visor Mandalorian helmet swims through the water. Through the grainy lens … Continue reading

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Long, Long Ago is Now: Star Wars The Force Awakens

If love and hate are two sides of the same impulse, then so was the prospective hope and dread that many fans potentially felt — that I certainly experienced — while waiting for the release of Star Wars Episode VII: … Continue reading

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A Step Back Into a Much Larger World

It’s time for another retrospective. In May of 2005, I was twenty-three years old. My girlfriend and I had broken up for the last time and it was as pleasant as you could expect. I was sitting in a movie … Continue reading

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Star Wars Episode VII and The Knights of Ren

The following contains fan speculation and possible spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.  It’s been a confusing time for older Star Wars fans: or at least an older fan like myself. Imagine two time lines: one you knew, and one that … Continue reading

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On The New Star Wars Video: Feeling That New Hope

The last time I talked about Star Wars here on GEEKPR0N I was talking about how it was made of mysteries. I thought that was what made the Old Trilogy so effective. You saw characters that died before you could … Continue reading

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Han Solo: Before He Shot First

There have been a lot of Star Wars mysteries after the Old Trilogy. Some of these have been answered: such as how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, what happened to the Skywalker twins’ mother, and how the Empire came to … Continue reading

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Chasing Amy, Finding Alyssa, And Revenge Of The Shit

So I worked on a little bit of a side thing. I wouldn’t have even called it a project, at first. As you know, I finally watched Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy not too long ago and, as a result, it … Continue reading

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