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Nilthene and the Blue Dragon

I wrote this for The Hoard of the Dragon Queen Campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. As such, there be SPOILERS here. You have been warned. This is the full speech that my Dragonborn sorceress Nilthene Silvermine delivered to the Blue … Continue reading

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I Found Out I Was a Cambion on my Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. It’s funny. I can’t always remember what I did every March 16. I can’t really remember anything particular about 2013. I do recall watching the controversial return of Darth Maul in Clone Wars back in … Continue reading

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My Creation, My Past, My Challenge

It’s a strange thing to encounter your past, even when it is a fictionalized past. Especially when it’s a fictionalized past. In about 2001, I started playing a homemade table-top role-playing game with some friends of mine. Before that, I … Continue reading

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Lucky 1s

Every year, at every Game Con, there is this one guy. He usually stands outside in the hallways, but sometimes you find him sitting by himself in the designer panels lost in his own funk. But more often than not, … Continue reading

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Healing Potions

It began like every one of our quests. We were fighting a marauding tribe of orcs and, naturally, I was the first person to be brought down. It was just like clockwork–the clockwork that I, as an artificer never truly … Continue reading

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Imagination Is Thicker Than Blood

In a post that Vampire Maman wrote, You Transfix Me Quite, she talks about how the character of Jane Eyre would have made an excellent vampire. Vampire Maman has a lot of very interesting and entertaining creative writing, but it … Continue reading

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Let’s Play

I have a friend who believed that he could gain enlightenment from a video game. He sat in the school cafeteria and the quad every day: just plugging away at his old Gameboy with its off-white frame, chartreuse buttons and … Continue reading

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